The Perfect Family Dog

Pictures and E-mails from Happy Owners and Dogs!

Daughter of Molly & Tucker
"She loves kids and fits in well with the family."  Helen, owner of Caylan


Son of Stormy & Tucker



Son of Abby & Tucker 



Daughter of Ruby & Fergus




Son of Abby & Tucker



 Sadie & Rosie

Dughters of Sable & Hunter


Daughter of Sable & Hunter



Son of Bonnie & Tucker

"My people think I am quite bright for my age,that I bite too much,and that I'm ever so good looking." Morgan, owned by Linda & Mel


Tucker Jr

Son of Lola and Tucker


Son of Ruby and Fergus
"He was so excited to see the kids at the door at Halloween and of course they all made a fuss over him. They were more interested in the dog than the chocolate lol." Jackie and Frank


Son of Dover and Hunter


Daughter of Holly and Fergus
"We just love her she’s the best dog we could ask for.  She’s great with kids and is always lying right beside us" Annette, Eric, Deanna & Kristen


Daughter of Ruby and Fergus

"Martha is a wonderful addition to our family.  Martha is so full of love, and she fill our days with a lot of laughter!  She is remarkably patient and easy to train as well.  She is a show stopper in the neighbourhood with her looks and demeanor, and we are just so thrilled with our Carhan Springer!  Thank you!" Vanessa, owner of Martha

Baxter 1999-2009

Son of Kayla and Angus


Son of Brandy and Fergus


Daughter of Abby and Hunter

Lady & Samantha

Daughter of Gus & Matty, Daughter of Fergus & Brandy


Son of Sable and Hunter


"He's such an awesome family dog--always close by, and always affectionate. And ALWAYS wagging his tail (trying to figure you how we can hook him up to the grid. There's got to be a way to get energy from that thing!!)" Kellie, owner of Mulligan


Daughter of Dover and Tucker



Daughter of Abby and Tucker



Daughter of Brandy and Duffy


Bunker & Molly

Son of Tassle & Duffy, Daughter of Bonnie & Fergus




Daughter of Sable & Hunter 


"Sadie has become a special family member and is "the perfect family dog" She loves it when the grandkids come to visit." Rob & Brenda, owners of Sadie


Daughter of Sable & Hunter

"Kali is doing very well, she quickly became part of the family; we are thoroughly enjoying her!" Rick & Karen, owners of Kali



Son of Luna & Tucker


"It's been over a year since we came and got Jack. He's been very good to us and loves to play in his new back yard. He is a great addition to our family."   Stacy & Tim, owners of Jack


Son of Rowan & Tucker


"We just wanted to let you know that our puppy Finnegan is doing wonderfully. Everyone thinks he is the greatest puppy, he was so quick to be trained and is so well behaved. He is the best!! We couldn’t have asked for a better dog!! He has already brought so much joy to our family, we just rave about your dogs. You really have created the perfect family dogs."  Kim & Aaron, owners of Finnegan



Son of Stormy & Hunter

"We love Ollie!  He is such a suck!  He thinks he's a lap dog. Which is fine for now... but will need to be reconsidered when he's 60 lbs!" Erin, owner of Oliver


Daughter of Dover & Hunter


"Lola is nothing but loveable.  Whether she's hunting, swimming or just playing, she loves being outdoors.  She likes to get into trouble but with that face, all we can do is laugh.  We couldn't have asked for a better pup!." Ron & Tiffany, owners of Lola


Daughter of Rowan & Tucker


"Chloe is very smart, full of life and brings tons of pleasure to our life. Thanks." Grant and Wendy, owners of Chloe


Son of Sable & Hunter

"Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy, Harley is very special to us. Growing like a bad weed. He is learning new things every day. What a joy he has been to our family. Thanks again for raising such wonderful puppies, I would and will recommend you to anyone wanting a puppy." Beatrice, owner of Harley


Daughter of Dover & Hunter

"She is getting big, and every one just loves her. Now that she is getting the hang of the house training thing, we might just have to keep her." Michelle, owner of Tori


Daughter of Bonnie & Tucker

"Our granddaughter named her Rosey, she is a fantastic dog and we all love her, she just graduated from puppy school, she was so easy to train, she is a good dog!" Martha and Terry, owners of Rosey

Son of Luna & Tucker

 "Sawyer is great. He loves to run in the woods, and is definitely a 'bird' dog. He is very smart, easy to train and has a real lovable disposition." Tracey, owner of Sawyer


Son of Dover & Tucker

"Since we adopted Vinny last year the regular guest from last year who arrive this year always ask to see him. His out going personality attracts the guest and he is   always busy showing them how easy it is to get in a bush plane and fly. We love Vinny but we have found he isn't just our pet but the pet of everyone who meets him. He is the first one to greet guest and the first one to hop in a boat with people he doesn't even know just to go for a ride. We are so happy we decided to adopt him. After a long day of work a snuggle from Vinny is all you need to feel as though your day wasn't so long." Jill & Kevin, owners of Vinny


 Son of Bonnie & Tucker

  "He is a huge joy in my life." Melanie, owner of Brady

 Abby & Austin 

Daughter of Holly & Angus/Son of Holly & Fergus

 "Here is a picture of my babies" Crissy, owner of Abby and Austin


Son of Molly & Tucker

 "we love him to death.  He's got a ton of energy and attitude, but he's definitely my Bear-Bear!!!" The Semperger family, owners of Baron


Daughter of Rowan & Tucker

"She is a gardener - she loves to destroy my gardens!!!!"  Bob & Stella, owners of Tess

 Miss Molly

Daughter of Dover & Hunter

"We love her so much, and everyone that has met her , just adores her"   Doug and Joanne, owners of Miss Molly

Daughter of Whiskey & Duffy

"Ali is a big girl now, she enjoys our yard , and  and my tomatoes" Tim, owner of Ali


Daughter of Rowan & Tucker

"She is very smart, easy to train and affectionate. We are extremely pleased. She is our fourth Springer and we believe the best one yet" Deb & Bob, owners of Millie 


Daughter of Molly & Tucker

 "Molly is just the most playful puppy that loves everyone."  Janis, owner of Molly


Son of Rowan & Tucker

"EVERYONE loves him! There isn't anyone that doesn't meet him that hasn't fallen for those "eyes"."  Ali, owner of Ty


Son of Ruby & Fergus

"We are absolutely loving him. He is a busy little man. Full of energy. He is a bundle of joy and love!"  Maggie & Andy, owners of Jasper


Son of Bonnie & Tucker

"He is very cute and doing well."  Mary-Ellen, owner of Hector


Daughter of Rowan & Tucker

"She has become such a joy to our household and she is very popular in our neighborhood"  Ken & Silvana, owners of Dusty

 Cali & Bella

Daughters of Ruby & Fergus

"At their quiet time"  Bill, owner of Cali and Bella


Daughter of Brandy & Fergus

"Reese has never met anyone who did not fall in love with her on the spot.  She thinks everyone is her best friend."  Michelle & Mike , owners of Reese


Daughter of Rowan & Duffy

 "these pictures show what Lacy does when she wants to go for a run"  Jamie & Sandi, owners of Lacy


Son of Abby & Tucker

"We like to call him our little suck - he does anything he can to sit on our laps.  He has filled our home and lives with so much love!"  Gillian, owner of Spencer

 Oreo  1997-2009 

Son of Katie & Dancer

"Thank you for giving me that little extra piece of life. The experience provided to me was one I will always remember"  Scott, owner of Oreo


Son of Ruby & Tucker

"Wendell blows into the house like a hurricane, kissing everyone he sees and putting his cold, wet nose on every cat he can find!"  Carlie & Andy, owner of Wendell

 Oliver & Dodger

Sons of Bonnie & Fergus

“These brothers are real buddies and since getting them in July/08 they have kept us busy and entertained with their individual personalities and ‘Springer’ energy. They are certainly wonderful additions to our family.”  Janice & Bruce, NL

 Emmy & Basil

Daughter of Whiskey & Duffy/Son of Holly & Fergus

 "They have brought us so much pleasure over the years"  Larry & Denice, owners of Basil & Emmy


Son of Molly & Tucker

"Vegas has done extremely well and has turned out to be our best friend"  Mike & Jennifer, owners of Vegas


Daughter of Dover & Tucker

" She is a wonderful dog with a sweet personality.  She has settled in with our family quite well and we all adore her."  Beverly, owner of Mac


Daughter of Stormy & Tucker

 "We thank you very much we do love her and so does our extended family"  Charlene, owner of Maggie


Son of Ruby & Tucker

"Thanks so much for the help and tips that you guys offered when I was there! Lennon is doing great so far.  He is 17 weeks now and is a little handfull most of the time but he is a great puppy."  Barry, owner of Lennon


Daughter of Ruby & Tucker

"She is a great little puppy, we are enjoying her so much"   Sarah, owner of Cocoa


Daughter of Whiskey & Duffy

"Thank you so much  She is a wonderful pet and has a huge personality"  Sherry, owner of Rickards


Daughter of Rowan & Duffy

"She is so lovable and a lot of company.  She goes everywhere with me, we are out for walks about five times a day and she gets her runs as well. "  Kim, owner of Madison
Daughter of Rowan & Duffy
 "She is Beautiful, gets along great with all my grand children and is like a shadow."  William, owner of Kota

Son of Rowan & Duffy
  "He is a big part of the family."  Stu, owner of Zack
 Daughter of Dover & Tucker
 "Koda is doing good and is full of energy to spare"  Jeannette, owner of Koda
Daughter of Bonnie & Fergus
"She really shines in the field and is great with the kids!!!! Thank you for all your help."  Mike and Debbie, owners of Sage
Son of Stormy & Tucker
"He is great company, keeps me amused and is a lovable dog."  Linda, owner of Marley


Daughter of Sable & Tucker

"She is a real cuddle bug and a joy to have around, I am very happy she chose me!"  Debbie, owner of Holly
Son of Stormy & Tucker
"He's still very mellow and doesn't wreck the house! It feels like he's always been here."  Heather, owner of Scout
Daughter of Molly & Tucker
 "Such a sweetheart."  Janis, owner of Molly




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